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About Us

 Brim of the World is a custom cut n sew headwear brand with focus on being the people’s brand. We strive to make high end quality headwear that many can acquire and feel as though they have their own unique piece designed for their own style. Founded in 2008 by Shaun Davis we create nostalgia of feeling like you can’t live without your hat. Brim of the World represents many cultures and ideas.  We don't believe in boxes but complete expression.

Brim of the World believes in creating headwear that is based on ideas of some of the best designers in the industry. We have worked with Notable artist such as Myself, Bob Freyer, Sole Junkie, Awol One, Toygami, J.V. Media, Orozco Designs, Siper Brand on a lot of projects that describe our story and how we like to represent the culture. Brim of the World is stocked on a few e-commerce platforms and can be found in various boutiques.  Places like Thedrop.com,  DR. JAYS, URBAN MARKET, FAIRE Wholesale, Thealiencon.com, REVOLVER Boutique, Art by TAI,  and our own platform Brimoftheworld.com